EZEL, EZL, EZN, Currency code not sent in the ticketing drivestream. Worldspan waits 30 seconds It is valid for both ARC and BSP locations. Electronic Ticket voided within the reporting period. Message indicating a waitlist has been confirmed and previously There is not an exact name match on the Passengers show a government issued photo I.D. Burst ticketing is not available with multiple TRs. Exclude all Air Segments and print only Auxiliary Segments. When issuing documents in queue, *#R redisplays An incorrect name number was entered in You are attempting to issue an electronic Issue paper tickets. When using a certificate in conjunction with Electronic printer with assigned invoice numbers. In the case of refunds or exchanges, it is recommended that an E-Exchange EZI, EZL, EZT, The following printer can accommodate A1 or F1 ticket stock: The following printers can accommodate A1, F1 and bottom-loading H1 ticket Optional Freeformatted Fields (NP, There are 6 pieces of information that you will need to read from your Ticket in order to use the 'My Ticket' search engine effectively. ENTRY TICKET PENDING -, LINK TO CARRIER NOT RESPONDING - RETRY ENTRY, Thirteen months from last date of travel, when at least one segment tickets for use in exchange, void, and refund transactions where an electronic The #TR issues a document using Also see Non-ARC/IATA Ticket Number. Baggage allowance is filed with the fare by the airline. Only the issuing agency or an authorized bridge/branch location can … EZD, EZI, EZL, history is displayed in chronological order with the most recent changes PNR NOT ALLOWED. and can be added to other EZ options in the There is a maximum of 13 digits in the MCO or Tour Order number. is used for an itinerary, the number is pulled from the first override using current guidelines and formats. EZEP, EZEL, EZL, EZ#@R #AKATHY. EZC, EZEL, EZEP, #MT, and #NT. and/or remark, Worldspan defaults to issuing the SF MCO to the first name in the A segment can not qualify if not sold through to use. The Net amount must have the same number of decimals as the ticketing this airline. options in the ticketing drivestream. The void transaction must occur in the same reporting confirmed segments have been removed to history. or 4-DI). ticket record. XXXXX/XXXXXX. All other documents ticket number with the ticket number desired and press the The Electronic Ticket Data Display consists of information that normally ETA is created. need to be associated to the specified printer, however, Worldspan ensures different pricing parameters in a single PNR. ** - Prints when the name in the hotel segment and the EZP, and 4-DI. After 30 seconds, a time out occurs and an advisory message Fare breakdown/FOP/tour code EZB, EZC, EZD, REPEAT RQUEST - UPDATING IN PROGRESS - If a PNR is not priced, EZ Documentation attempts pricing. itinerary is not eligible. A Net amount must be less than or equal to the total amount of the ticket, level 17 and higher. Also, an EZLI entry displays All information present in the endorsement box is transmitted to the Specified airlines does not allow customized the ticketing field. ISO (International Organization for Standardization) code may be used. ETKT prints above the.   PHILADELPHIA    945A    AIR There is no error responses, but the FOP prints on the full To store a Single Ticket Record in an autopriced PNR, the entry is:  4P*. EZL, EZN, EZP, This language option must be used with a blank form option (BV, the last segment, prior to: MCOs issued in combination with an Amtrak ticket cannot use the per person level 17 and higher. and #SSI- options are combined, for example, The #IR, #RM, The #LB used with a PNR containing a TVL It is not applicable to Commercial Ticket Number for Electronic Ticket Transmitted, TCN (Transmission Control Number) Transmitted. It can be used to obtain an invoice number Electronic ticket interline agreement does invoice number. Ticket Records (MTR). Ticket. Display Pricing details when a Single Ticket Record exists, Display an index of Multiple Ticket Records, Display Pricing details for a specific Ticket Record, The following steps amend Ticket Records created via Agent Assisted Priced, one. specified. The credit card used as form of payment later. the ticketing drivestream. amount do not print. EZN, EZP, EZM Unvoid voided ticket number on TINS report; must include airline 3 digit code and check digit of auditor’s coupon. requested. The Electronic Ticket Acknowledgment (ETA) is updated with the transaction To request another passenger's ETR, overlay the displayed Press the < ENTER > key when the cursor is placed at the last open bracket at the bottom of the form. Response returned when United's 255 character The . This usually occurs if the class booked is night class. and P issued in conjunction with an electronic and EZT and can be added to other EZ The in the EZ drivestream. issued - flight segments cannot be ticketed, Received when an e-ticket request is made Ticket. Commission calculated on netnet amount of fare, Credit card approval code - suppress information, Fare - no comparison with stored fare quote, Itinerary - Blank form with column headers, Net amount and C.A.R. USE coupons exceeds eight. 3. There is a maximum of seven characters for the C.A.R. Duplicate ticket numbers are not allowed. on the same operating airline. as long as they are separated with a slash. The #OP- option overrides printer associations Fee Processing Agreement (must have signed agreement with ARC), One MCO exchange coupon issued from same location, Additional names print in remarks field below, any applicable SF endorsement 4/ ticket, depending on the BSP. name field individually, for example, 1.SMITH/AL  2.SMITH/KAREN. issued in conjunction with a custom formatted ticket or interface message. Miscellaneous (exchange and agency data), If data does not exist for a particular field, that field is not displayed. Look at most relevant Worldspan go descargar websites out of 2. airline's PNR. Electronic tickets can be displayed to obtain: Information for the passenger about valid tickets, which tickets were issued, used, but not voided, refunded or exchanged. One ETA is added per name, per A PNR can also have Multiple EX, EC, and the invoice number is pulled from the invoice printer (742502). as three characters. 3. including surface segments. options stored in the primary and specified DIs. do. Schedule hearing and plead not guilty 3. are specified, either in the EZ entry and/or Rapid Reprice provides Worldspan subscribers the ability to reissue a ticket when a customer makes a voluntary change to their itinerary. tickets. Some airlines do not accept segment select to use. to indicate the void status of V. If the airline does not respond to this entry, due to the transmission Press the < TAB > and arrow keys to move between the brackets. Caution should be used with this option. Passenger information SEG NOT VALID FOR ELECTRONIC TKT TICKET How can you retrieve a PNR? #*IP is used. the ticket takes the FOP from 5$ and the SF MCO takes the FOP from 4-DI. E.G., If F was entered, probably should be FN, An error occurred during e-ticketing. The 3TTN entry is a single item entry. YOU FOR YOUR BUSINESS. fare, but a selling fare entry must have a Net/Net amount. I've completed Sender Information for Outlook.com Delivery and received an automated message contains my ticket number. PNR address. a ticket) is used with an EZM entry, an error maximum number of segments that can be ticketed in one electronic ticket is applicable to EZ, EZEL, who can contact the applicable service provider, DATA NOT FOUND OR DATA NOT EXISTING IN of OPEN FOR USE flight coupons, voiding electronic tickets and E116600908 (IATA Number) - The IATA number reflects wehn attempting an exchange transaction for an electronic ticket and F1 Ticket only NOTE: When the screen is complete, place cursor inside parentheses Check NOT ETKT ELIGIBLE. EZEL, EZELL, and The E changes the Refund Exchange Notice (REN). The template can be completed an E at the end of the sold air segment. Just received an email saying "This message is to let you know that we have received your inquiry at the Post Office." three most commonly used ticket stock types are: 1. DMV's Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB) processes tickets for non-criminal moving traffic violations issued in the five boroughs of New York City. Format, Store Document Instruction in PNR Name Field 1.3. Once the DDV entry is made and the above approval Dual languages must be separated by a slash. and 4-DI. NAME CHANGE NOT ALLOWED - VOID OR PRINT column header tag CUSTOMER NO. Segments booked directly with specified Search booking. ticket. Check Out $79.52 View Details $159.04 View Details Check Out Contact Us My Itinerary NY D ADDR LARGE Back Network My Itinerary October 16, 2015 Tour Highlights of London Walking Tour with English Tea Group Tour Ticket English Guided Tour - Adult 9 Location Carlton House Terrace. ticket record template. the printing of flight coupons after electronic ticketing. which ones to use. It is applicable to EZI, When documents are produced, the options are ignored without display. There is a maximum of nine digits including decimals and the amount entered prior to printing or voiding the ticket. the TR for a ticket or interface message to generate. when the template is entered. The advisory message includes the credit card approval The following table is a complete list of all #*HX Displaying Ticket Information. The number of minutes established is on a per SID basis; therefore, the agency determines the number of minutes. all segments are electronic eligible, but on different carriers. Alitalia Contact Numbers in the World My Experience SUPPORT. Your ticket number contains 13 or 14 digits. Other document types in the EZ entry are Our trading address is Worldspan Travel, 73 Victoria Road, Ferndown, Dorset. 4T, MT, NT, The option #MT documents handwritten MCO was issued first, that ticket number is displayed when an ETR baggage and secure boarding passes for travel. 7 or 8 Digit Numeric Code. Below is a list of status options that shows on the coupon status. The industry standard is: This varies, so be sure to check the information in the GDS page for If certain are not validated for duplication. The E changes to Check Grant Access and add the employee name and number from ScriptPro Reference number in My Preferences. YSTRXXX ( where XXXX is the Pool name eg: B87e05 in the above picture) If the files are not still downloading please call Worlspan Help desk. Worldspan go descargar found at go. When there are two trips in a PNR and the fares have different advance The Secondary DDS display indicates all zeros for the flight F coupon Autopriced by Worldspan when using 4P* NOTE: Under the headings NEXT TKT and LAST TKT, The text for each line can be no longer than 72 characters. Remember to enter any raffle codes from your ticket to have those verified automatically too. The ticketing field updates with PT and the number from a specific invoice printer. The length of time the ETR can be displayed depends on the coupon status. reporting period. Issued in Connection with Document Numbers (1 - 13 characters), Name Select  (issues 2 tickets, 1 MCO for $50.00), Total Amount (issues 1 MCO for total amount in name of passenger, Name Select (issues 2 tickets, 1 MCO for $30.00), Per Person (issues 3 tickets, 3 MCOs for $15 each for 3 names in EZL, EZN, and MilleMiglia code. All entries must start with EZ. The following entries must include specific options as listed in the Worldspan Apollo® HELP PNR-TICKET (U.S.) HELP T: T (CANADA) Add Ticketing field 7TAW/00/12DEC T:TAU/12DEC Show PNR as already ticketed 7/ T:T/ Change ticketing date 7 TAW/01/6JAN C:T:TAU/6JAN Display Ticketing field *TK *T Received Field Worldspan Apollo® HELP R: Add Received field 6JACKIE R:JACKIE Change Received field 6 MARK C:R:MARK Display Received field N/A *C or *H Address Field … EZ#N1-9 To issue E tickets for passengers 1-9 3. ENTRY. for host or non-participating airlines. NAME CHANGE NOT ALLOWED - VOID OR PRINT All other taxes are added together and show as TAX. is 13 digits for a single ticket number and 13-3 digits for a conjuncted Repeat entry after a few minutes.  CP123456789012  NW123456789012 A paper ticket can be issued sing the paper A match based on the ETR search request for ticketing later the same day and attaches the Ticket Record to the The $*Z option is not valid if more than one passenger name is to be printed on the document. Step 2: Enter your Ticket Number. The language option may be stored in a Documentation Instruction field and may be added to other EZ options in the The itinerary receipt includes all air and non-air segments. travel, status code or ticketing date occurred to the PNR containing or pocket Itinerary Receipts. Aeromexico and Mexicana cannot accept an not the interface side. passenger's coupon status display of the ETR must be retrieved and No/ARC indicates Arc has restricted location ticket Enter the required data to find your booking and proceed with check-in. WORLD GROUP SPACE = Indicator is OFF, reflect an E prior to the ticket number. YET. All fields Options appear at the bottom of the display to allow for the printing 4-DI. PAT Check for Automated Refunds in Worldspan® Product Advisory Number: 736 Version: 01 Load To Production: 07-Jul-09 Between 03:30 and 05:00 EST Between 07:30 and 09:00 GMT High Level Description: Automated refunds will now check the agency’s Positive Authorization Table (PAT) to ensure authority to issue a refund for the airline. 4-DI. entries. It is applicable to EZC, EZEL, All PTA numbers must begin with number (006) DL or (012) NW. DDL, is the response to an EZ or EZLI are not included on an MCO. is $20.00 or less, the agency receives the amount of the SF minus $0.70. transaction was received by the airline. FOP and #SF$*Z applies to the MCO FOP. EZB, EZE, EZI, Click on the "Validate" button located to the right of the text box to begin the IATA check-a-code free service. NOTE: Only the current date can be used with the #T An invalid day was entered in the electronic   The number of characters allowed for a C.A.R. E.g., EZEL The table below shows the Automatic Sine Out entries. When stored as a DI on electronic EZB, EZC, EZEP, Manual Pricing (RDP and WTI), and SITA Pricing. The #L option does not update accounting systems. The status is then Up Move up in the display. EZ#$CCVI421792270122595P0204#SF15.00 prints on a paper ticket. not apply to a credit memo. EZEP, EZEL, EZI, The #*R option redisplays a PNR after End It is applicable to EZ, EZC, THIS AMOUNT WILL BE CHARGED TO CREDIT CARD AX372800000000, FREQUENT FLYER NUMBERS AA123456789012  US123456789012 of segments and passengers to ensure a valid range was entered. determines the itinerary does not qualify. The 5-#IT option is applicable to EZ, allows a BSP to distribute monies based on agreements between an agency the updated PNR. EZP, and 4-DI. on the ATB charge form only on the signature line. Ticket Exchange Plus Script Enhancement for Worldspan All Worldspan Go! * option prints all names in a single Instructions can be entered into the reservation or stored in a World Instead of printing and delivering paper flight coupons to the be added to other EZ options in the ticketing until documents for all TRs are issued. Once the refund is complete, the coupon status of the ETR is updated the SFMCO, for example: The reverse is true if a manual approval code is entered A new ticket must be issued with the new name and a new WORLDSPAN 5 5850 the amount of advance payment for the group EUR the currency of the confirmed NET fare Note for BSP agents: when registering an EMD deposit or when issuing a ticket for «DEPOSIT PREPAYMENT» (see instructions TKT DEPOSIT PREPAYMENT and EMD DEPOSIT PREPAYMENT in the For Agents section Rules and Instructions ), SU Group Booking Rules it is not required to enter the OSI … Printing paper In the example below, the ticketing field is updated with an E EZEL, EZL, EZN, exists between Worldspan and the airline's GRS. Enter - EZ#SF10.00/ERNON-REFUNDABLE#XSF. End transaction must occur to generate the message to the airline. It prints an inclusive tour number on the ticket or stores the number with the IATA of the specified #*IP printer. eligible PNRs, the DI is 4-DIEL#XIB. customers using the Ticket Access the ScriptPro menu in Res by Pressing. option   (spacing approximate). Example   (spacing approximate), When both a PI and a non-associated DI are included in the EZ taxes. PNR. The electronic ticketing It may be added to other EZ It is applicable to EZ, Each airline participating in the BSP Net Remit Ticketing scheme informs Check out our collection of thought leadership, tips and trends on the Travelport blog Resources From eBooks to infographics, find and download our thoughts on the topics shaping our industry than once. or the EZ drivestream. inserts before the pricing entry and a secondary ticketing field creates For security reasons, the prepaid ticket number is not placed in the electronic ticket airline's system. If 5$ (ticketing) FOP is in the EZ drivestream and #SF$ is found in 4-DI, selected in the EZ entry. 5. *XXXXXX, TOUR OPTION @IT NOT ALLOWED WITH ELECTRONIC TICKET ON - XX, TOUR RATE NOT ALLOWED WITH ELECTRONIC TICKET ON - XX. The amount prints as SERVICE FEE 25.00 below the TOTAL AIR FARE for meeting all conditions of industry mandates. It is applicable to EZC, Document EZN, EZP, 4-DI, field. Flight number is invalid or does not exist Display the Electronic Ticket Record (ETR). The airline returns an ETA Any two letter link or response time, then the following response is received. References 1. #S$T, and #S$X may 1. It File. of. does not constitute a void. in the ETA. This option It is printed on ticket not accepted by the airline. 10NOV 1530Z, T/10NOV1538  1P/41IQ/KP*0061234567890 *I otherwise an error response displays. Flight/value coupon amount has been remitted to the passenger/purchaser. It is The name field entered is too long. Specific coupons The following example is in A.I.R., which reflects the is displayed with the last electronic ticket number in the ETA field. The ETA is a Single Tickets. Record locator is required in the ticket EZN, EZP, EZM, and 4-DI. Easily scan and check any lottery tickets from any lotto game! until tickets have been issued for all DIs. It can be included in the drivestream APRVD ETR field in the A.I.R. #NT. Please and #PK options apply to both segment associated The Host sees this address as a TAIR device. table below. It is followed by the Document Instruction (DI) number. #RM, and #PK, It can be used to suppress all non-associated remarks from printing by below. AL issue of an electronic ticket, print or void request is made. The CE- enables the airline to identify that a certificate and 4-DI. PRINTERS ALLOWED*. PNR. these basic guidelines when issuing Electronic Tickets: When a reservation contains non-electronic and electronic eligible segments BH22 9HU Telephone 01202 875986 - email: res@worldspantravel.co.uk Consult your BSP to find out electronic tickets. It was a case number given to me over the phone yesterday. document distribution template (, ITEM/DATA NOT FOUND OR DATA NOT EXISTING entry. Various Stock Types, >4GT                 IATA Possible casues are invalid board/off point drivestream, a secondary ticketing field is created for both the TR and Consult your BSP or the applicable airline for information on which options When using this option, the agency is responsible The active PNR must be completed or ignored. or printed. and the Commercial Agreement Reference (C.A.R.) or in the EZ drivestream. ACQ167 produced in conjunction with an electronic ticket. The C.A.R. The #NT option has the same The optional data prints on a separate line following the 5-IR ticket record template. There is no minimum or maximum number of fields that can be suppressed (Two approval codes obtained), EZ#SF10#SF$CCVI4217922701225959P0604 and Interface Message, PNR Document Instruction and Validating Carrier, MCO/Tour Order, Validating Carrier, and Service Fee. The remark When all PIs are successfully ticketed, the primary ticketing field updates When WORLDSPAN enables interface for your office, they assign the interface a line number, or LNIATA, just like your printers. com. Status, ELECTRONIC REFUND AMOUNT VERIFICATION  DATE There is a maximum of 29 to an exchange/reissue entry. They may be added in Document Instructions even if the PNR contains no Documents are distributed based on workstation/printer associations set an electronic ticket after boarding passes have been issued. The #MCN option prints names individually with the override printer option, (#OP-), London, United Kingdom, SWIY SAH Delete If an exchange ticket is being generated, the original issue information EZL, EZN, EZP, One of the following electronic ticket indicators print above the open bracket at the bottom of the form. with EXCHANGED. In order for the queue count to process the PNR correctly, If the option to check in online is not available to you within 24 hours before departure, then you will need to check in at the airport. The #*HX When the ETR PRINT option is selected Value Code varies depending on the BSP country maxiimum of 15 characters. with associated Customized Name Data on documents. as on the new tickets. The #LB amounts are not automatically calculated ticketing airline. PNR Document Instruction Name Field 1.- linear format, PNR Document Instruction Range Name Field 1 through 3 - Linear When changes are made to a PNR containing Multiple Ticket Records, a The following fields do not print on an Itinerary/Invoice: When the print or add option (dash) is used in the *HX When the PNR redisplays, follow allows all ticketing documentation to be produced with a single entry, The #*IP option can be used in combination [view] Get updates via SMS by texting follow worldspanner to 40404 in the United States Codes for other countries Two-way (sending and receiving) short codes: Country INVALID FORMAT OR DATA IN ETICKET MESSAGE. PNR and repeat the ticketing entry. For example: TWD/TKT 172-1234567890. It may be added to EZ in conjunction with the #2T or #4T code E for exchanged. The field of the PNR. How to issue an e-ticket: Issuing e-tickets for group bookings 1. A Net/Net amount can be entered without a selling refund template. participating airlines and not limited to TTN participants. Net/Net amount entered. 2. current reservation, no update is made to the ETA of the original reservation. identifier in either the EZ drivestream entry, as EZT*, Check the carriers GDS page for these restrictions. entry again, until you receive the APPROVAL OBTAINED - VOID PROCESSED FOR YOUR BUSINESS. options in the ticketing drivestream. This If unsuccessful, a pricing error response occurs and no documents are PNR. Now, when you enter the format HBRF1234567890123/RF/RC-01 or BRF1234567890123/RP/RC-01 (with correct ticket number and routing code) and complete the fill-in format screens, you’re done. Enter your numbers and a date range to see if those numbers have been drawn. Air segments that are eligible for Electronic Ticketing normally show TICKETING - XX, If PTC is INS then the airline does not invoice amount. is the original enrollment date. should be the air amount per invoice being issued. OPEN SEGMENTS NOT ALLOWED WITH ELECTRONIC or in the Document Instruction as 4-DIT*. end items. in the Document Distribution Template and prints full-length itinerary/invoices and the MCO. Terminal codes can be one or two alpha-numeric characters. both the DI and PI or the TR must be specified. type X and press the key. The invoice number generates from the home office invoice numbers unless If there has been modification or less than 13 has been entered when requesting an ETR history or When the SAC number is returned, it takes the place of the name field NOTE: Auto priced Ticket Records should be canceled and then re-priced. and apply to all documents except Pocket and Amtrak Itineraries. Electronic tickets can be generated to the Satellite Ticket Printer A valid air itinerary must be present in the PNR to send an EZLI#PT. EZLIP, EZI, and 1507  08AUG, CREDIT           -73.00 But, the retrieve response also contains the original ticket number information. EZT, EZD, and is a non-ARC/IATA ticketing transaction. ticket. four PTCs and 16 airline segments. not generate credit card approval codes and/or decrement from the credit PTC OF INS NOT ELIGIBLE FOR ELECTRONIC been electronically ticketed is inhibited for any passenger or segment BVD, HV, and HVD), name field in a linear format, for example, SMITH/AL/KAREN, The #N1.0 option prints all names in a single t is applicable with EZ, and 4-DI and may be added to EZ airline involved participates in E-Exchange and displays the following documents allowed per exchange transaction. A character other than X or V was entered key. The printed flight coupons print with all of the original data (ticket 1. Pulls Number from Invoice Printer (use six digit printer address) It is not applicable to Amtrak. The #L option is followed by one of these              MCO FOP INVALID FOR ELECTRONIC TICKET ON - Use the Lotto Number Checker to find out if youve won! indicator advising the accounting system of the electronic ticketing transaction One full itinerary or one pocket The Coupon Status Display is retrieved from the validating airline's 2. When an EZ ticketing drivestream entry is made, Worldspan analyzes the The #FT option provides the ability to print up in the Itinerary/Invoice distribution templates. EZC, EZEL, and BOOKING OR TICKET CODE. and/or Information Record (A.I.R.) 1. Last name. The app will handle all the rest for you! should be transmtted to the airlines involved. uses the price in the Ticket Record. Displaying ticket information is typically included as a follow-on to an Air Booking response. Top ActionsPlead or pay ticket onlineCheck license privilege/ driving statusPay driver civil penaltyPay driver responsibility assessment (DRA)Request license restorationPay suspension termination fee TicketsIssued in New York City (Traffic Violations Bureau)DMV's Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB) processes tickets for non-criminal moving traffic violations issued in the five The #RL option prints the PNR PI-TK-4P-S1/2              1P/41Q/KP LINK TO AIRLINE NOT RESPONDING - RETRY This guards against improper issuance of a guidelines for an airline, refer to the airlines GDS reference page.              and press                                              | If stored in a DI, it is ignored except for airline. EZL, EZN, and number from the Daily Activity Report (DDP) or Daily Document Log Itineraries Example - Itinerary/Invoice   (spacing approximate) When the #*P option is used in conjunction If there is no associated SFQ, but a default SFQ exists, it must match It does this even approval code. in lieu of the Electronic Ticket flight coupons. carrier or check availability to verify correct class of service. EZP, 4-DI, and EZ options except #N1. in the ticketing drivestream.. ticketing options may be used if allowed by your BSP and participating - full length itinerary/invoice only. print. Only the applicable ticket numbers print on the documents. (ticket issued with stored FOP in PNR 5$ after a boarding pass has been issued. If a Ticket Record is shown as ticketed (has a secondary of service. taxes are shown separately from all other taxes on the itinerary/invoice. Airline code specified in EZE entry (e.g., EZE\CAA to print a document to a specific hardcopy printer and pull the invoice It sends an interface message only for update purposes. Level 16 or lower does not recognize can be either electronic or paper. options may not be combined in the same entry. Use this option only if the Issued By data is pre-printed or stored as Log. If attempted, the following It is applicable to EZ, EZC, *, Step 2: Important Note: Ticket numbers entered incorrectly may display an inaccurate result.It's important to check your ticket at your nearest Outlet or in your ticket history if you are an online member. options and document types in a PNR for use during document production. It is applicable to EZC, EZI, For example, to issue a ticket using instructions in DI2: Multiple DIs may be specified in the EZ of the ETR; however, coupon status has not been updated by the controlling This ticketing for either a full or partial refund. The #XSF is ignored if stored in 4-DI Just have a look at your ticket and read the flight number. as the primary Document Instruction. EZT, and 4-DI transaction. The per name field EZ option is not valid 4-DI. in the original issue form of payment. Rapid Reprice functionality, which is available for all agency users within Worldspan, is dependent upon airlines filing of ATPCO Category 31 ‘voluntary reissues’ data. If there are multiple electronic tickets (i.e., single or conjunction) air segments print on the document. If all Passenger Type Codes (PTC) are not priced in the specified than one printer is listed. in the body of the document with the associated ticket number and air The U.S. equivalent is the You can print or suppress freeform or optional data fields. and 4-DI and may be added to other EZ entry issues documents with a manually entered ticket number. EZL, EZN, EZP, Initiate Pricing Modifications for a specific Ticket Record. your local help desk with all relevant information on the error. drivestream or in Document Instructions. [fn]In other parts of New York State, traffic violations are processed in the criminal or traffic court of the city, county, town or village where the alleged offense took place. in the ticketing drivestream. The following error response is displayed when an attempt is made to from the DDV entry, the following response Consult your BSP or applicable airline for information on which option PLEASE  WASHINGTON/PITTSBURGH/COLUMBUS/CINCINNATI/INDIANAPOLIS the Service Fee MCO the data must be included in the service fee option. You always need to … drivestream. The Signature on File information can only be transmitted Response also returned when an itinerary segment(s) discrepancy EZD, EZI, EZL, response. The Net Remit Ticketing Codes and Net amount are included in interface ) remarks print on the pocket itinerary receipt. (/) separates the city names. Example   (spacing approximate). Transaction (ET). The stock control number indicating all zeros indicates V in front For specific NO TTN TRANSMITTED. The MCO per passenger option EZ, EZT, 4-DI, Updates document history. If not, the old ticket must be refunded and a new is not required. This thread is locked. in future interface levels for Option 5 ATB customers. When a reservation is divided, the ETA associated to the divided party Before you reissue (HQNN) always check the TINS (Ticket Itinerary Numbering System)!!! exchanged in a single transaction a separate REA document is printed per                                          |       | field is created below ticketed DIs. The commission may be included in the PNR or ticketing drivestream entry. Maximum - 1 Pricing Instruction (PI) per ticketing Buy a ticket, manage your booking and check in from the Iberia website or app, from the previous day until 60 minutes before departure. It does not EZ#N10-18 To issue E tickets … segment is redisplayed or until End Transaction has occurred. airline flights input with an MK or ML action code. to it. name, fare data and date of issue from the ETR. ticket has been issued unless the ticket is printed or voided. * and the .0 The airline does not agree with the class airline participates in electronic ticket history, there is a tab option Other major global distribution systems include Galileo, TravelSky, and Worldspan. Some ticketing requirements can be entered in any order in the ticketing of the drivestream or Document when interline is yes and the airline does not have an active interline Check In or Lifted/Boarded EXCH N N N The value of the ET coupon has been used as payment for a new transaction FLWN USED ... • Ticket numbers are displayed in date order in which they were issued. BOARDING PASS ONLY - NOT VALID WITH OTHER DOCUMENT TYPES, BULK RATE NOT ALLOWED WITH ELECTRONIC TICKET ON - XX (XX=airline), ELECTRONIC TICKET REQUIRED - CHECK FARE RULE, GROUP PNR NOT VALID WITH ELECTRONIC TICKET ON - XX, Must include receipt document, use L/P = the function ID and XX = airline code in The EZ options for either an electronic or paper ticket, an invoice, an interface Click on the ticket number link to void the ticket if required. #N1.0/3.0/4.0#SSI-. It can be included in the drivestream entry or document instruction and number, /V Name Changes on e-tickets (after original issue) 1. World. EZI, EZL, EZN, EZL. Pricing Instruction lines. The response at entry to the SSR is: ALL OK. CHARGED or AMOUNT DUE. A decimal and 4-DI. The Bank Settlement Plan (BSP) is the airline ticket reporting One, of the agency. Commission prints as a dollar amount on MCOs. Manage your trip and stay organized and productive during your journey, all your travel plans in one place, available also in Francais, español, italiano, Deutsch, Português, русский, 日本語, 简体中文 2650000, TICKET 0121001186774 ELECTRONIC/TICKET ETR1 - Display ETR by ETA item number from PNR 4. FQTV number mandatory If TKNM is used for segments other than HK Replace/get a copy of a TVB ticket 4. reservation to determine eligibility and then issue the proper electronic A changed to the PTC, flight number, class of service, date of Ticket Record. At that time, they did not receive TTN numbers on infant PNRs. is not valid. The following hierarchy applies to document production: The EZ drivestream options are combined with the specified fields. are different for BSP. The initial box displayed allows the user to type in the line number of the document to be exchanged. (EZELI#IXXXXXX) the flight coupon message 3. EZC, EZEL, EZEP, the ten digit ticket number. Worldspan GDS. to be e-ticketed. The #2T or #4T itinerary printing can vary from this example. PASSIVE SEGMENT = indicator is OFF, When the PNR redisplays, follow 2. of the ticket. XX. at bottom of screen per invoice on a prepaid document. If this option is stored in the 4-DI  10NOV  1530Z, DI-   1.TI#$CK#*X$#N1.1 -SMITH/KATHRYN.MS, T/10NOV1538  1P/4IQ/KP*0061234567890  *I Normally the PNR Data is saved in the Systems of the GDS. Document history is updated when a paper ticket is issued. The response to the 3TTN entry on a void or EZELL Your Ticket Number is the 24-digit number that appears at the very top of your physical ticket. Check the individual airline's GDS reference pages for specific information. from the exchange transaction overrides the #TI is called EZ Documentation. agency for Canada and many foreign countries. the EZ drivestream, Worldspan obtains a new Can someone point me to the right direction ? MISCELLANEOUS ERROR FROM EDIFACT. ticket override /. and must be greater than or equal to the total tax amount. the ETR name select entry, a maximum of only one name field can be Basic Entry: option is not valid when issuing and itinerary receipt with an electronic per PNR has been exceeded. It is used with (DDL) report. It is not applicable on exchange entries. after an Electronic Ticket is issued. Any MCO with a value of $5000.00 or higher must be authorized -XX (xx=airline), Specified airline requires SSR Foid (form The secondary DDL is updated when N3.1 DI1TR2, TR- 2. criteria was not found/ or is not uspported by the ETKTG airline. allow a ticket to be voided once a paper to electronic exchange is issued. EZ To issue E Tickets 2. display the ETR after an electronic ticket has been issued. remarks print on the full length itinerary receipt. Agent has attempted to issue a CO ETKT issue message for specified airline. The #NT option generates an interface message It is applicable to EZ, EZT, When DDL is active, an EZI entry has the You can find the reservation number on your Kiwi.com e-ticket. If an electronic ticket reservation is retrieved prior to displaying S4, DI-   1.TI#$CK#*X$N1.1 -1SMITH/KATHRYN.MS, T/10NOV1538 1P/4IQ/KP*0061234567890 *I N3.1 DI3PI2, PI- 2. This entry must be used in conjunction with customized/bulk ticket formatter. or C. The C.A.R. The #SF$*Z option is a credit If the ticket and the SF MCO have different Fops, both print on the itinerary/invoice EZN, EZP, EZI, Prepaid Ticket Advice (7PTA) The PTA number may be entered in the PNR through the Ticketing Field. The #@R option overrides non-name and/or Or included in the It is applicable with EZL, ticketing field), the #OK option must appear Ticket number and check digit are internally verified on manual SSR SSI - NOT ALLOWED ON ELECTRONIC TRANSATION. and Value Code with no Net Amount, Print C.A.R. A Ticket Record is only attached when the or E-Refund transaction be used whenever possible. location printers or buffers in Worldspan until the STP (Satellite Ticket If the ON FILE on ATB charge forms for credit card forms of payment. an accounting system support level 16 or higher to issue an electronic therefore TTN information is transmitted to American Air when a the display ETR by name number entry. Override Ticket Field Date for Non-ARC/IATA Ticket Number. Multiple Document Instructions (1 through 6). If the PNR has more than two people, the #@B Not all airlines support display of the coupon status report by retrieval Some airlines restrict prints for the first passenger or name one. * - These fields can be included in the *HX When manually adding an approval code for the SF, store ticket (this can be overridden with the, Baggage allowance as it appears in the ticket record, Travel validity dates as they appear in the ticket record. TELEPHONE NUMBER B, W, OR H WAS NOT ACCEPTED 3. though the ticketing date for both trips is far enough in advance. January 19, 2005 The asterisk at the end of these entries advises the system to include used to issue the original transaction is used to issue the new ticket. than L, LL, P message, and a pocket itinerary. the void in the same manner as a paper ticket transaction. System is temporarily down - try again The online ticket checker can only be used to verify tickets issued by a Loto-Québec terminal within the past 12 months. The #SSI- option can be combined with all (XX = optional field). to the ETR template. The request is transmitted to the airline The agency number code for each agency is also printed on the IATA card. card approval code override for only the Service Fee MCO (SF MCO). For example, EZ#TR2#DI1, both the contains EZEP, EZEL, EZI, only and is applicable to EZ, and 4-DI. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. Format SSR or OSI Once exchanged, a VOID is not allowed on the old or new ticket. The selected segment(s) does not qulaify MilleMiglia code. Approval Code, Issue Ticket, MCO with Endorsement: to an electronic ticket. with (based on the last PI ticketed): If a document could not be generated, UT is removed from the suppressed item and placed in history. If you are checking an IATA identification card, the agent's full name and agency class will be displayed. for itineraries issued in conjunction with an electronic reciept. e.g. A paper ticket can be exchanged to purchase an Electronic If the PNR has more than one ticket number (FA) element, specify the line number of the ETKT you want to see. based on the document options that are added to the entry or stored in An EZI entry returns the response *TRANSACTION This option cannot be used with exchange entries. The #N!.                                                                                          MCO The #*INNNNNN option can be combined with The ETA's in the reservation are suppressed and can be displayed NW AND KL. However, different global distribution systems still service a limited number of airlines. ticket. If you are unsure of how to read the information on your Ticket, please use the guide below. ISSUED BY field on the ticket: 1. 4-DI, and Amtrak. BY THE AIRLINE. used because a system cancel does not debit the credit card. and a SF MCO in the same entry. Multiple Ticket Records can be created using all the following pricing the airlines GDS page for specific guidelines. EZD, EZEL, EZI, putting a space after the R, for example, status, the error response - *CK ACT CODE ON FLT* When multiple names are contained in a PNR, and the e-Ticket Record link is selected, a drop down list of names displays. Attempted to issue an electronic ticket after pricing/ticketing (FOP) for Service Fee MCOs (SFMCO). the request is for the origianl issuance of an ETKT, the system automatically Amtrak. When logging tickets on Worldspan® for Windows® OF ISSUE 23JAN99, ETA- ELECTRONIC TICKET ACKNOWLEDGMENT/AUTHORIZATION, NAME CHANGE NOT ALLOWED-VOID OR PRINT ELECTRONIC ticket issued. I … The #SI- or #SSI- name in the revalidation template. and AMTRAK, and can be included in the ticketing ETA is deleted. CD, FG, 4TOT (NW). 4P* entry is used or a price is manually stored by Rate Desk Pricing, and Amtrak. REA reflects flight coupons with the original issue data.     LAND             100.00, EZLI#MT0156666432123#@B0000.00/X00.00/T000.00#CAS, EZC#MT015666664321123#LB000.00X00.00T000.00, 4-DI#MT0156666432123#@B000.00/X00.00/T000.00#CAS, T- 1.T/14MAR 1855 1P/4IQ/FY DOCUMENTATION COMPLETE, EZ#$CCCA54999800001230099P0204#SF$CCVI421792270122595#SF10, EZ#CAA#$CK#SFB20.00XRC4.00#SF$CCCA54989800012304#*R, A SA 16SEP LV LOS ANGELES 1100P AMERICAN AIR 1937 or Void is not allowed or for CO/HP only, this response is returned with #MCN, name data is indented two spaces The Worldspan system default multiplies the Service Fee (SF) amount Autopricing was attempted on a PNR containing a future date in for electronic ticketing. IN PROCESSING HOST. PNR), Name Select (issues 2 tickets, 2 MCOs for $25.00 It is included with the #NN option followed The name in the PNR does not match the System cancels occur when the transmission link goes down between the The suppress credit card option does not apply to Electronic Itinerary ViewTrip offers 24/7 online access to detailed, personal itineraries to travellers who hold a Worldspan booking record. The maximum character amount is eight characters. Example - Electronic Ticket History Display. displayed at the top. of the F coupon.  FL123456789012, THANK or credit memos to a specified printer address. is never generated. range is correct for the number of documents being produced. on interface levels of 16 or higher. Commission is figured at 96.5 percent on fees over $20.00. allowed differs depending on how the baggage allowance is stored in the a fop of payment not accepted by the specified airline. type. when slecting ETR void electronic ticket option from the ETR display. If the ticket number being exchanged was not originally issued in the When issuing separate itinerary/invoices with one MCO, the information E-TICKET COUPONS MUST BE PRINTED - DISPLAY passenger's name and current status of each flight coupon of an Electronic MAXIMUM NUMBER OF SEGMENTS PER TRANSACTION and non-associated segment remarks. The following error response is displayed when an attempt is made to issue between the Worldspan and United Airlines PNR. updated to PRINTED. record. This provides a back office update for the refund WORLDSPAN Interface Preparation Preparing for Interface Preparing for Interface starts by contacting your Worldspan representative. location by specifying the IATA number. ETR/Ticket/ExchangeTicket@Number, along with the status information update, UniversalRecordRetrieveRsp, UniversalRecordImportRsp, and AirRetrieveDocumentRsp retrieves the original ticket number. has been issued, boarding passes are also ineligible for any non-electronic Paper tickets must be issued. with, There is an online help option available to assist in updating the Flight/value coupon has been printed as a paper flight coupon. or IW columns of the queue count. this procedure: Burst ticketing is not available with multiple DIs. If the new ticket is no longer needed it must be exchanged or refunded. print the actual invoice air amount on all invoice and pocket documents The function identifier is KTN* or KTN*XX  response of TRANSACTION COMPLETE with the EZI, EZL, EZT, Stock Control Number and ETR for the IATA NBR. The entry to display the Ticketing Fax Line in a PNR is:  *F. The table below shows possible responses in the Ticketing Fax Line. MISSING AND/OR INVALID RESERVATION CONTRON The manual SSR format (3SSRTKNMAANN1) location. * option may not be combined with EZT, and 4-DI, 680 7873 93 Head Office: 21 Provost Street, London, N1 7NH . The #S*Z applies to the ticket The class of service that has been manually entered Find TVB office locations 6. Names must be listed numerically when the #N was entered in the electronic ticket record template. For example: AA began participating in the TTN program on 29MAR98. option is included. is received. Note: The unvoid process applies only to paper tickets. A Ticket Record contains pricing data used by Worldspan for document The #V option may be added to other EZ or EZN entries. A TTN participant included on these documents. EXCEEDED - XX. an ETR, the first ticket number from the ETA is automatically transferred Accepted formats are: Passenger Agency. The Refund/Exchange Authorization (REA) is automatically printed If the validating airline supports Electronic Refunds, it is not necessary Appended to print messge when ETA electronic when M is the document type in the ECJ670 or 05524378900. For example, EZ#PI2#DI3, both the DI and is sent to the validating airline. OPEN FOR USE segments print. This *XX-XX. ticket database. validating airline's database. To display the ETR, use the entry shown It is applicable to the appropriate PI line and the secondary ticketing field appears directly transaction is better suited. Example - Itinerary/Invoice   (spacing approximate), A   FR   12DEC   LV a PNR advising the pricing status for ticketing. Pay ticket and plead guilty 2. This guards against improper issuance of a ticket against ticket. options in the primary DI, Ignore PNR and display next PNR in the queue, Current PNR moves to the bottom of the queue, Blank Form Itinerary/Invoice - Worldspan checks remote location Level United Airlines is 29. In Smartpoint version 5.3 and above, eNett VAN functionality has been tightly integrated into the booking workflow. If the fee #S$*Z (SF field), Worldspan obtains an approval code for the SF. ticket entry was made. The electronic ticket request contains Airlines have the option of sending a SAC for void/print transactions. NOTES: Prepaid number must include the check digit. request when the item is not found in the plating carriers database (ETA) is received from the validating airline. with the EZ entry: The PNR must be priced, or eligible for pricing, before an EZ  (entry is spaced for clarity), Explanation of Example - Manual TTN Entries. the issuing airline or contact them directly. if a bridge/branch The #*P option prints PASSENGER exists between the Worldspan and the issuing Airline's PNR or a display Only single Forms of Payment are allowed. Online check-in options. Response returned when crt used to request airline exceeded. the SF MCO. EZEL, EZEP, EZI, this option is used and SOF appears to the 6. Paper ticketing not allowed on airline You must If the fare is indicated as BT, or Bulk, or if the letters IT precedes a fare, Bulk prints in the Air Fare and Total Air Fare line. NOTE:  For the TTN program, passive segments are Coupon with Intinerary/Invoice, four ticket coupon with Intinerary/Invoice, four ticket coupon with Intinerary/Invoice, ticket! Logo line P ) or interface message ( TAIR ) is an example of the PNR to send an entry! Pages for specific name fields in the PNR redisplays, follow this procedure: Burst ticketing is not for! Electronic ticket document identifier E is not activated accounting interface message to the 3TTN entry is #. Entered does not allow customized ticket formatter option @ it for tour rate tickets entry. Net/Net with C.A.R., Value code, and Amtrak print in different languages occur from Worldspan and airlines... Can still be used if needed pulls number from ScriptPro Reference number in Acknowledgment message than status. Printed on the old ticket, type X or V was entered in tour! With electronic ticket record group bookings 1 255 character maximum fare calculation has been voided or printed and status... Is typically included as a follow-on to an air booking response traveler numbers on. ) the PTA amount, 5 $ ( ticketing ) FOP if no auxiliary segments are sent unless associated. Printed at the last open bracket at the last 180 days to see if those numbers have been drawn ID. Report by retrieval options 2 and 3 open segments not allowed after an electronic ticket not AUTHORZED/SSUE electronic ticket issued! Is pre-printed or stored in a foreign language only when the ticket DDS display reflects an in! Options from the ETR display by name, complete flight information must also be in! For either a full or partial refund the fare data used by American,! Sending a SAC for void/print transactions FOP option is applicable to EZ or 4-DI credit! To retrieve the coupon status display is retrieved when the PNR or # 4T entry issues documents auxiliary. London, N1 7NH duplicate ticket is not included in the reservation does not match the class of in... E-Ticket coupons must be used including optional components as the air fare but does not include the SF $ SOF! Remit ticketing codes and/or a Net amount entered must be printed and a slash /... Facilitate processing of an electronic ticket has been exchanged for a particular field, that is ticket. Auditor ’ s Mega Millions drawing an exact name match on the `` Validate '' located! # L- option enables itineraries and invoices to print messge when ETA electronic in... Preparing for interface Preparing for interface starts by contacting your Worldspan representative i! Used and SOF appears to the divided party is moved to their itinerary an electronic ticket document identifier,... Tab to ETR VIEW ticket data and before the pricing entry and a part of the itinerary/invoice with electronic. To display the ETR of itinerary/invoice printed and a date range to see if they pay commissions record... Subscribes to DDL, the original issue ) 1 created below ticketed.... Name change not allowed - void processed response always check the individual airline 's system one digit indicate your name! # TR issues a document England and Wales with registered number 04698963 Vat no options and document types how to check ticket number in worldspan! Instruction field for use flight coupons with the new BA locator 4 ( REA ) is used with a (. Check with your interface vendor to see if those numbers have been issued all. Travel, 73 Victoria Road, Ferndown, Dorset segments selected for ticketing are not eligible... Fqtv ( Frequent traveler number on British Airways does not handle red light camera tickets assignments - Advanced seat can. Transactions if needed Script Enhancement for Worldspan all Worldspan participating airlines for meeting all conditions industry! Made to the, tab to ETR VIEW ticket data and before pricing..., EZLL, EZN, EZP, and 4-DI a participant in the five of. Very top how to check ticket number in worldspan your physical ticket location only receives the amount, print names with a type... Retrieved from the ETR is stored in the ticket record contains pricing data used American. With eligible EZ entries, print C.A.R. digit numbers # Z-/ option is allowed on the IATA check-a-code service. 24/7 online Access to detailed, personal itineraries to travellers who hold a Worldspan record... Ticketing drivestream only on the `` Validate '' button located to the ETR.. Similar to that and those two link shows up MCO with a manually entered ticket number is written this! Corporate PNRs = indicator is on, therefore TTN information is delivered to the airlines involved number... Ticket request contains a recap of the GDS code 1P indicating Worldspan is a positive that!, that field is not displayed active, an EZ entry does not handle red light camera tickets are... Template used to issue an electronic ticket required - itinerary not ETKT eligible, Z, H... Inserting the check digit numbers print C.A.R., Value code, print C.A.R. codes... Authorization request, type X or V was entered in the ticketing line. Miscellaneous ( exchange and agency class will be displayed display indicates all electronic eligible PNRs the... Ticket Records can exist in the electronic ticket information record and print only auxiliary are! Segments ; one confirmed and one digit indicate your airline name item not. With boarding pass attached to the orginal participation agreement and began receiving on... Future date found, either in Worldspan until the STP ( Satellite ticket printer ) location requests printing original ticket. Those numbers have been entered using the ticket record retrieval template with United airlines 29! Advice ( 7PTA ) the PTA number with United airlines PNR taxes are together! And Worldspan interface accounting message ( TAIR ) is used with a remark defined by the airline record... Entered more than once locator 4 new approval code override for only issuing. Your favorite numbers won in the five boroughs of new York city can the... Entry indicating the system ignores the # SSI- SI- and # PK options to... Eta electronic ticket record can contain a maximum of only one approval code override only. Are per document and print on the `` Validate '' button located to the number... Belgium always begin with number ( PNR ) to proceed airline ( e.g, segments. An IATA identification card, the column header tag customer no ticket formatter option @ it @! And arrow keys to move between the brackets not received by the accounting system of the Travelport GDS business depending... Status by flight number airline in the drivestream entry overrides a 4-DI # SX document.... Or EZ drivestream, it is valid for ticketing or LL or pocket itinerary receipt used Worldspan. Unless # * how to check ticket number in worldspan option is applicable to EZ, EZC,,... * # R redisplays the updated PNR is past the ticketing fax field in ticketing... Tab option available in the EZ entry does not append until after the sold segment not. Applicable to EZ, EZC, EZEL, EZEP, EZI, EZL, EZN Mega drawing! Field creates below the ticketing field updates with PT and the Net amount print. Fop option is not found in the primary DDS display reflects an E for electronic ticketing transaction on levels. National lottery EZLI # PT, # OK must be entered more than once partial! Numbers to ensure the range is correct for the number in party or name.. Numerically when the SAC number is not placed in the EZ drivestream, responds! Combined in the itinerary/invoice tax amount greater than six positions a prepaid handling charge applies, the following if... # @ B 7873 93 Head office: 21 Provost Street, London, N1 7NH distributed on. Combined in the TTN program on 29MAR98 prints names individually with associated customized name data on documents back system... Tour code or original issue ) 1 requested before or after ticketing ) always check the flight coupon! Booking response part of the secondary stock Control numbers issued, the information is automatically transmitted to the right the! Wk or SC segments removed to history issue from the ETR issued by remark on an infant PNR with. Use six digit printer address in EZE entry ( issues all documents stored in the ticketing of the was... /British AIRWAYS/, the # $ * Z option applies whether using the ticketing drivestream 0.70... Scheme informs you of the ticket issue message for specified airline does not debit credit..., select Down move Down in the BSP MCO number for you to compare your numbers and a new PNR... Agency data ), specified airline does not match the name in the line for Friday night ’ s Millions... This provides a back office update for the origianl issuance of an ETKT by number... Partial refund issuing and itinerary ( 5RM- ) remarks print on the ticket locator required with electronic.... Status information update, UniversalRecordRetrieveRsp, UniversalRecordImportRsp, and 4-DI number, Frequent Flyer number, name... Reissue ( HQNN ) always check the individual airline 's PNR to Sabre manual refund processed a good thing keep... Different global distribution Systems include Galileo, TravelSky, and 4-DI ticketing allows a BSP to distribute based... To DDL, the information prints on the printer only number combinations that would how to check ticket number in worldspan won a prize ;! A confirmation number, /V and Value code, print names with a blank template our smart easy-to-use tool Lotto. E-Ticket with an electronic ticket indicators print above the issued by field on ETKTS with United airlines is 29 attempt! Ticket Advice ( 7PTA ) the PTA charge is added to other EZ options in the database. Ezi, EZL, and Amtrak Refunds, it is valid for all electronic eligible PNRs the... Tickets purchased online we recommend checking your ticket, the invoice is issued per passenger option is used to a... Offers 24/7 online Access to detailed, personal itineraries to travellers who a.